Keep your shoes smelling fresh with these inserts

A set of Zorpads Shoe Odor Removers are a great add-on to stylish footwear gifts this season

Published December 19, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

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Tearing into a holiday gift and discovering a new pair of shoes is a treat for anyone’s feet, but if you want to keep your sneakers fresh for the rest of the year you’ll have to take extra steps. A five-pack of Zorpads Shoe Odor Removers will keep your shoes smelling brand-new for up to 60 wears.

Zorpads use NASA-tested technology to suck up bad odors. They’re so small that you won’t need to trim them down to fit them in any shoe, and they easily stick your shoe’s interior. Don’t let their small size fool you: they contain more odor-fighting surface area than an entire tennis court. These pads mean business!

Each Zorpad lasts for up to 60 wears, and they’re suitable to use in sneakers, heels, loafers, or any other pair you wear. They’re a thoughtful add-on present if you’ve bought a pair of shoes as a gift for someone this year, or if you’ve got a friend or family member who likes keeping their closet fully stocked with new shoe looks.

Typically a five-pack of Zorpads Shoe Odor Removers would set you back $25, but right now you can keep your shoes smelling brand-new (or help out a friend whose shoes smell less than stellar), for only $19.99 (25% off).


Zorpads Shoe Odor Removers: 5 Pairs - $19.99

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