This lightweight portable battery is perfect for travel

Charge your devices at a lightning-fast pace of 1% per minute

Published December 21, 2018 2:01PM (EST)

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As convenient as portable batteries are — after all, the dreaded hunt for a spare outlet at your favorite coffee shop or at a crowded airport is the worst — they can be pretty tough to carry around. Bulky and heavy, they're not usually the first thing you want to throw in your bag, even when they do end up saving your devices from dying. This LithiumCard Wallet Battery is a different story: only the size of five credit cards, it's an engineering marvel despite the sleek exterior.

Beautifully made from durable billet aluminum, this portable battery not only fits easily into your pocket or bag, but it can also charge your devices at up to 1% of battery life per minute — so you can charge your device and be quickly on your way. You can also keep your iOS devices charged with the built-in Lightning connector — and even simultaneously charge your device and the LithiumCard with two flip-out charging cables.

With its ability to add charging power capacity to your device and its perfect portability (you can also stick it to another device that you're carrying with the NanoStik pad, just as an alternative to storing the battery in your wallet), it's perfect for travelers and workaholics alike. Usually, this LithiumCard Wallet Battery is $59.99, but you can get it here for $20.

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