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This Microsoft Excel Master Diploma School takes you from formulas and functions to macros & pivot tables

Published December 22, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

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Microsoft Excel was released in 1985, but the thirty-something-year-old program is still relevant and has more potential uses than ever. Excel is still one of the most popular programs around because it helps businesses solve problems (like figuring out why profits dipped), and it helps you work faster (once you’ve discovered how to automate functions, you’ll never break out a calculator again).

Becoming fluent in Excel can seem intimidating if you’re new to the program, but the eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel Master Diploma School breaks everything down, so you’ll pass the final exam with flying colors and earn a resume-boosting diploma for your troubles.

eLearn Excel’s eight learning modules begin with a foundational knowledge of formulas and functions, which can help you add up large lists of numbers in a snap, then automate certain tasks to speed through your workday. From there, you’ll discover how to create tables and reports, and analyze raw data to make sense of where your company’s been and where it’s headed.

From that point, you’ll tackle pivot tables to summarize data, then you’ll gain a working knowledge of Excel’s Visual Basic for Applications (a coding language that lets you create specialized, efficient commands for your own personal Excel needs).

Normally, learning Excel with the Master Diploma School would cost $999, but right now you can get lifetime access to this crucial set of classes for only $39 (96% off).

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