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Published December 26, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

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The vision of a tortured writing sitting alone and slaving away over their masterpiece isn’t accurate: screenplays actually take a lot of collaboration between like-minded artists to create a cohesive story. However, sharing your work over email or through word-processing programs makes editing a chore, and you won’t have the same natural flow you’d experience in a physical writer’s room. WriterDuet Pro bridges the gap between the writer’s room and remote flexibility with a program designed by screenwriters, for screenwriters.

WriterDuet Pro’s real-time collaborative corkboard lets everyone contribute their ideas and create an outline to get your story started. You won’t waste a second demystifying script formatting: the program automatically writes in industry-standard formatting, with options for locked pages/screens, revisions, and compatibility with Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain, Word, and more.

If your WiFi gets wonky, you can write offline with WriterDuetPro and never lose a word thanks to local backups and auto-sync features. Going back to reference old versions of your work is a breeze with change view options filtered by date, writer, and time. Creating the story of your dreams without stressing over formatting or organization has never been easier.

A lifetime subscription to WriterDuetPro usually costs $239, but right now you can launch your story off the ground for only $99.99. The coupon code NEWYEAR2019 will save you an extra 19% at checkout, for a final sale price of just $80.99.


WriterDuet Pro: Lifetime Subscription - $99.99

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