Freshen up any space for hours with this compact diffuser

Small but powerful, this LED-display diffuser sets the perfect mood

Published December 30, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

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It may sound a little obvious, but the way a room smells can completely change whether you want to enter it or not — for example, a kitchen that smells like fresh-baked cookies, versus a teenager's room that smells like who knows what. Thankfully, using something like this VAVA Essential Oil Diffuser With LED Display can make any room smell wonderful, whether you're entertaining guests or just want to relax after a long day. Plus, it uses natural oils to enliven the scent of your space, as opposed to using harsh chemical scents.

Despite its compact size, this perfectly portable diffuser can fill even the largest rooms with the scent of your choice — it features five air vents and dual misting modes for extra coverage, and a streamlined LED display for easy operation. You can also choose between eight timer settings with just a touch, so you can drift off to sleep without worrying about the diffuser working overtime.

The diffuser also features seven colorful light options built-in, so you can create the ideal spa-like ambiance you want. Choose from high and low misting modes, and dispense your favorite essential oils for up to seven hours at a time or continuously.

It's the perfect addition to your space: usually, this VAVA Essential Oil Diffuser With LED Display is $19.99, but you can get it here for $15.99. Plus, use coupon code NEWYEAR2019 for an extra 19% off the sale price, bringing the cost down to $12.95.


VAVA Essential Oil Diffuser With LED Display - $15.99

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