Create a mindful 2019 with this notebook

The Mindful Notebook streamlines your day so you can stay focused and achieve your goals

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January 3, 2019 11:30AM (UTC)
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We’re inundated with distractions every day. Challenges at work, responsibilities at home, and an ever-increasing number of gadgets with notifications galore make it difficult to sit in the present moment and focus on those next steps toward your goals. You can make 2019 a more mindful, productive year with The Mindful Notebook — and with the coupon code NEWYEAR2019, you’ll enjoy an extra 19% off.

The Mindful Notebook raised more than $35,000 in funding on Kickstarter for its innovative approach to tackling life’s obstacles. It’s an analog product in a digital world that helps you step back and plan your day more efficiently.


There are three elements that make the Mindful Notebook a step above your average composition book. The first is a daily thought or quote at the top of each notebook page to help ground you and prepare you for the day ahead.

The second element is your own creative space: you can list tasks, block out your daily schedule, or just free write to express yourself.

The final piece of the Mindful Notebook’s puzzle is a Daily Gratitude section at the bottom of each page because it’s easy to lose track of life’s little pleasures when you’re rushing around all day.


Usually, the Mindful Notebook costs $30, but right now it’s marked down to $21.99. Use the coupon code NEWYEAR2019 at checkout for an extra 19% off, and a final sale price of $17.81.


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