Charge 4 devices internationally with this travel adapter

Keep your devices charged during your travels — and take up less carry-on space

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January 9, 2019 11:30PM (UTC)
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Got plans to travel the world in 2019? Adventure and exploration are some of the greatest ways that people learn, and there might not be any more enjoyable way for you to work on your personal growth. Pack well for your journey with this FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter — it's a streamlined, portable travel adapter that lets you charge up to four USB devices with add-ons for US, AU and EU plugs.

Not only can this sleek charger power up to four devices without taking up too much space in your carry-on, all while boasting an impressive 5.0 A output for faster charging. With a thickness of only 18 mm, you can even slip it into your work bag.


Take it with you to any new countries that meet the US, AU, and EU charging requirements without worrying about short-circuiting or otherwise irreparably damaging your expensive devices. Plus, the smooth design means you can prevent the metal pins from scratching your other devices with the protective covers.

If you've been looking for a better way to pack for travel, skip packing a bunch of different chargers and cords, and use this streamlined travel adapter instead. Usually, this FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter is $45, but you can get it now for $32.



FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter - $32

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