How you can become the data guru of your office

This course includes 1,500+ hours of training in R, SAS, Oracle and more

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January 26, 2019 3:30AM (UTC)
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We churn out an incredible amount of data daily — and there's a massive amount of interactions and transactions that we make whenever we interact with a business. That includes even the way we engage with a company — whether we click on a link to find out more information, look up a video, like a post or any other number of actions. That means there's a huge amount of raw data that businesses can look at when figuring out their next strategic move. It's no wonder that data analysts can make such an impressive salary — and this Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle shows you how you can reveal hidden patterns, correlations, trends and more with business data.

This comprehensive bundle includes more than 400 data and analytics courses that not only help you master data science techniques, you'll also help your business gain an invaluable competitive advantage. Learn how to use the most essential software for business analytics and business intelligence, including SAS, R programming, Hadoop, Cloud, Tableau and more.


You'll even dive into machine learning and data visualization concepts — plus, you'll validate your training with certificates of completion in SAS, R, Oracle and database courses. Usually, a lifetime subscription to the Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle is $299, but you can get it here for $29.


The Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle: Lifetime Subscription - $29

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