This cable can last for more than 30,000 bends

Syncwire’s UNBREAKcable is a sturdy solution to frayed charging cords

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January 28, 2019 3:30AM (UTC)
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You’ve got to keep your smartphone and tablet charged to stay connected, but the quality of most charging cords leaves a lot to be desired. Frayed cables lose some of their charging speed, and once the coating on your cord comes off you’ve got to plunk down money for another one that will eventually let you down. Syncwire’s UNBREAKcable is designed to last, saving you money that would have been sucked up by weaker cables.

This rock-solid cable is constructed with a tinplate interior and a TPE jacket exterior that’s 40% stronger than bulletproof materials and wrapped internal wires for extra support. The cable is capable of holding up to 275 pounds. It’s been tested to last through more than 30,000 bends without damage, so you can safely store it in your pocket, backpack or briefcase without worry.


An eight-pin connector promotes quick data transfer, syncing and charging between devices. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices thanks to Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C connection options. Although the cable is strong enough to be crumpled up and smoothed out repeatedly, it comes with a reusable cable organizer to keep your bag organized.

Usually, the Snycwire UNBREAKcable costs $18.99, but right now it’s on sale for $10.99 (42% off).



Syncwire UNBREAKcable (Lightning/White) - $10.99

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