Save money on your utility bills while you support solar energy

CleanChoice Energy’s Community Solar Farms let you benefit from rooftop solar—without installing anything

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Published February 12, 2019 3:00PM (EST)
Solar panels Photovoltaic systems - aerial view
Solar panels Photovoltaic systems - aerial view

Do you want to save money each month on your home electricity costs, plus support the development of clean solar energy near where you live? Now you can with CleanChoice Community Solar.

50 to 75 percent of U.S. consumers don’t have access to solar energy through rooftop installations on their homes. But not everyone can install, or wants to install, solar panels on their roofs.

Consumers now have a new way to reap the benefits of solar—it’s called community solar. And, it’s helping people save on their utility bills.

Instead of paying to place expensive panels on household roofs, community solar lets a group of households—renters and homeowners—to support a centralized solar farm together. The energy produced by the farm then results in a credit each month for each of the farm’s subscribers.

Another perk? Community solar also supports the development of good, clean energy industry jobs and cleaner air in the regions where they’re located.

CleanChoice Energy has many community solar farms available for subscribers now* (see the below list of where they’re located). CleanChoice Energy believes that everyone should have access to the benefits of clean, renewable energy—and is working hard to make that possible. Community solar is just one way they’re empowering consumers to make a difference.

Learn more about community solar on the CleanChoice Energy website. And, see what CleanChoice Energy Community Solar farms are available in your state today!

CleanChoice Energy recently launched a Massachusetts Community Solar farm, which is now open for new subscribers. Customers now have the opportunity to save up to 10 percent on their utility bills; with no upfront investment, setup fees or installation.

New York
In New York, community solar is taking off, including the Altus Bronx Community Solar farm. Residents across all of New York City and Westchester county can support local solar and save up to 5 percent off their utility bills by becoming subscribers to this community solar farm, again with no upfront investment, setup fees or installation.

CleanChoice Energy’s Community Solar Farm in Maryland offers residents the opportunity to be among the first in the state to participate in the Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program. Residents who sign up will support local solar, with a potential to see up to a 10 percent savings on their utility bills, and with no upfront investment, setup fees, or installation.

Washington, D.C.
CleanChoice Energy recently launched Community Solar in DC. These farms are the largest community solar farms ever in the District of Columbia. Residents can sign up now, and can save up to 5 percent on their utility bills.

CleanChoice Energy’s Community Solar farms in Minnesota provide the opportunity for residents to save up to 5% on their utility bills while supporting the state’s rapid transition to clean energy. These farms will increase the number of residential community solar subscribers in Minnesota by as much as 50 percent—and all without upfront setup fees, installation, or other investment.

*Terms apply. Limited to qualified subscribers. Savings are not guaranteed. Actual rates, offers, and terms vary by state and solar farm. See Subscription Agreement for details.

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