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Published February 13, 2019 6:30AM (EST)

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Despite all the help technology offers us with digital calendars, event reminders, alarms and more, sometimes an old-fashioned approach is the one that works the best. When it comes down to a planner, you can't find one better than this ZerModus Everyday Visionary Planner. It's designed to help you powerfully visualize your goals and see what you need to do to reach them on a daily basis.

With an intuitive framework that helps you map out your progress by the day, week and month, this planner is designed to help you put together a plan of action to help you meet both long and short term goals. It helps you define your mission, set your objectives and even helps you establish/commit to the necessary attitude and habits to get you there.

The planner is dateless but works across a 12-week timeline, so you can project manage your own dates but also stay within the mindset of future-oriented planning, present-minded doing and retrospective analysis to help ensure everything is progressing as it should. It even includes helpful morning visualizations, daily mantras and more.

Sometimes the key to getting everything you want done is laying it out on paper — and this planner helps you do it in the most organized, effective way possible. Usually, this ZerModus Everyday Visionary Planner is $36, but you can get it here for $24.99.


ZerModus Everyday Visionary Planner - $24.99

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