How to master machine learning and data science

Learn to draw powerful conclusions from mountains of raw data

Published February 18, 2019 10:30PM (EST)

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Machine learning is the wave of the future: a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning makes use of algorithms to make predictions or decisions, without the programmer needing to explicitly program the machine to perform the task. It's a way to manage the massive amounts of data people are producing, to help businesses make better business decisions. This Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle includes courses covering the top tools anyone interested in applying data science and machine learning to their career.

Both data science and machine learning are highly desired skills from employers, and this bundle covers some of the most important learning frameworks for Python data science, like Tensorflow and Keras. There are also courses covering all aspects of practical data science in Python, showing you how to store, filter, manage and manipulate data in Python.

Learn new problem-solving skills by understanding what algorithms and methods are best-suited for the data you're dealing with — and discover which commonly used techniques, visualization methods and machine/deep learning techniques could be successfully implemented. You'll also apply your newfound knowledge to different data situations, including how to implement R methods using real data obtained from different sources.

Completely change the way you work with data: usually, this Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle is $1600, but you can get it here for $35.


Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle - $35

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