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Published February 24, 2019 10:30PM (EST)

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There's nothing quite like the thrill you can get from playing a good game of poker: combining a little bit of chance with a lot of strategy, expert poker players can bring home huge hauls of money — and amateurs get major bragging rights during game night. Poker can be a complex game to learn — and if the mini-lessons you picked up through playing with friends and family haven't helped you really learn (at least, not enough to beat them) then you should check out this Poker Pro Bundle.

Consider this bundle your guide to dominating your next game of poker — from online games like No Limit Hold’em, to the live games you play with friends or even in casinos. First, you'll learn how to conquer the micro stakes, the lowest rung of the ladder in No Limit Hold'em. Discover how to effectively read hands so you steal and defend your play, plus learn the squeeze play, isolation raising and floating. By learning the fundamentals of poker strategy and tactics, you can turn the small change you initially invest into hundreds of dollars.

There's also a course discussing overarching poker concepts and best practices, so you can make fewer mistakes than your opponents and play more in control. Here's how the bundle works: beat the average price, and you'll unlock the last course on large-scale poker concepts. Beat the average price, and get the entire bundle — usually, this Poker Pro Bundle is $135, meaning you can save up to 99% off.


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