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The Executive Leadership Bundle shows you how to take your natural leadership skills to the next level

Published February 27, 2019 10:30PM (EST)

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Teamwork is essential to your success in the workplace. Establishing yourself as a great team player shows your boss and colleagues that you can pull your own weight and excel at the tasks you’re given, but you need to prove that you’re a great team leader to climb the ranks in your career. Some people have natural leadership tendencies, but you need to hone those skills to become an outstanding, effective leader. The Executive Leadership Bundle teaches you how to lead intelligently in just seven courses.

The first class in this bundle focuses on how to motivate and manage your team. There’s a difference between employee satisfaction and employee motivation, but after this course, you’ll know how to combine them to create fully engaged employees. Sections on emotional intelligence and inclusive leadership teach you how to respectfully manage diverse groups of employees, while a class on dealing with challenging behavior shows you how to nip unhelpful actions in the bud.

The Science of Leadership class is an in-depth exploration of how scientific insights can help you manage your team with ease. Wrap-up courses in leadership mastery show you how to put the final touches on your newfound knowledge.

The Executive Leadership Bundle usually costs over $1,000, but right now you can become a force to be reckoned with at work for only $29 (97% off). Salon readers can save an additional 60% off this 6-course training bundle with promo code LEARNIT.


The Executive Leadership Bundle - $29

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