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Published March 3, 2019 10:30PM (EST)


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No matter what your background or cultural backstory is, it's highly likely you have some kind of tradition of storytelling. Part of the human experience is the desire to communicate it through stories — so it's highly likely you've got some kind of tale brewing inside your mind. Learn how you can become a professional writer, self-publish your own eBook and monetize your story with this eBook Self-Publishing Bundle. It includes twelve courses and acts as a comprehensive guide to getting you practicing your craft, executing it and finally, monetizing it enough to let it act as a form of passive income or even a full-fledged career transition.

First, you'll learn the mechanics of writing, including how to get your story idea off the ground. Discover exercises and writing prompts to help you get the practice you need and how to be a more productive writer strategically by tapping into new content ideas. These courses cover everything you need to get you to start putting a pen to paper (or help you start typing away) by helping you understand where to harvest ideas, how to explore plot points, how to develop a consistent writing schedule and even learn grammar and style tips to develop your own unique voice.

Then you'll discover how to take advantage of self-publishing to get the exposure to your work you want, including step-by-step guidance towards building up a large library of Kindle books and marketing them effectively. These courses include a deep-dive into Amazon's self-publishing services, like Kindle and CreateSpace, but also detail how you can grow your reach with more publishing platforms and promotion.

Finally, once you've worked out the details of how to self-publish, you'll learn how to turn your existing content into income streams that can earn you passive income from anywhere. Get on the Amazon Best Seller list by following three simple steps and following key tips, like choosing the perfect title and subject matter and figuring out how to best format your book for consumption. You'll also learn the best practices for book promotion including how to choose the right categories to make your book more visible, and the best places to promote your work.

This bundle is your guide to breaking all the dated myths of what it means to "write and publish" a book through traditional publishing — instead, you'll develop a completely modern education and fresh perspective on self-publishing in this age of digital consumption.

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