Samuel L. Jackson defends Nick Fury’s choice not to call Captain Marvel until after "Infinity War"

It's a big elephant in the MCU room, but Jackson says there's a perfectly good reason

Published March 9, 2019 1:30PM (EST)

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in "Captain Marvel" (Walt Disney Studios)
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in "Captain Marvel" (Walt Disney Studios)

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Last year’s “Avengers: Infinity War” ended with a post-credits scene that saw Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury disintegrate into thin air following Thanos’ universe-altering snap. Fury managed to send a message via pager to Captain Marvel, which resulted in one giant elephant in the room for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: If Fury had the ability to contact Captain Marvel this whole time, why didn’t he do so every time earth was threatened? Surely Captain Marvel could have prevented the alien invasion in New York City as seen in “The Avengers.”

Jackson finally got asked this very question during the “Captain Marvel” press tour (via IGN). Simply put, Jackson said Fury never contacted Captain Marvel because the threat against Earth was never big enough to warrant the call. Fury’s mentality was that if the current superheroes on Earth were capable of handling a threat themselves, then Captain Marvel wasn’t needed. Fury clearly has lots of faith in the earth-bound Avengers, as he made the decision not to call Captain Marvel even when a sociopathic robot wanted world domination and lifted an entire country up in the air (see “Avengers: Age of Ultron”).

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“She said only in emergencies,” Jackson said. “Other emergencies could be handled by the people who were present. It’s just an alien invasion, that’s something that could be handled. Half the population wasn’t dying and flicking off and doing whatever.”

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As for Thanos, Jackson said, “We finally have an emergency that I feel warrants her presence. This is unprecedented. How are you gonna fight that? I can’t fight that. If I’m not here, I need to find someone to come here who can handle it. All those people are ineffective. They’re great for normal, everyday world disaster. But intergalactic badass who has all the Infinity Stones needs a bit more.”

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“Captain Marvel” introduces the titular superhero in an adventure set in the 1990s, which means the film acts a prequel to every MCU title thus far. The character and Brie Larson will appear in the upcoming “Avengers: Endgame” now that Fury has contacted her to come help the surviving Avengers. “Captain Marvel” opens in theaters March 8, with “Endgame” following April 26.

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