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Published March 12, 2019 10:30PM (EDT)

As consumers produce more and more data, companies are scrambling to keep up: as a result, data science jobs are growing exponentially. Unfortunately, the number of skilled workers who can perform in data science roles isn't keeping pace. There is good news, though: you can take advantage of the talent gap by learning the tools and technologies to jumpstart a career in this highly desired field. The Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle is your guide to getting started, with hands-on practice leveraging the top tools of the trade.

This training covers tools like Plotly, Matplotlib, and Bokeh — all Python libraries that show you how to create complex plots and graphs with minimal programming know-how. These powerful visualizations help businesses draw actionable insights from massive piles of data. They also make it possible to build interactivity into your visualizations. There's also a course covering Seaborn, another Python-based library that lets you display information and find relationships housed in data, and two other Python libraries that help you communicate your findings from data.

There's even a course covering Hadoop and MapReduce, which shows you how to process and manage enormous amounts of data efficiently. Usually, the Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle is $792, but you can get it here for $24.90.


The Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle - $24.9

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