Become a certified TEFL instructor for less than $35

The TEFL Master Certification Course shows you how to others connect with the English language

Published March 28, 2019 8:30PM (EDT)

Our world is constantly shrinking thanks to improved communication through the web and heightened technology that helps us travel and explore new cities and countries. Becoming fluent in your destination’s native language helps you connect with the locals on a deeper level, and the same concept is true for citizens of non-English speaking countries.

Despite the wide availability of language translation tools, dictionaries, and language-learning apps, one-on-one instruction with a certified language tutor is still the best way to fully immerse yourself in a language — and it’s vital for anyone who is learning English as a second language. The TEFL Master Certification Course gives you the tools (and certification) you need to help others master the English language.

Teaching English as a foreign language is a rewarding, highly sought-after skill. You can travel to almost any country overseas and help international residents become fluent in your native tongue. This 150-hour training boot camp continues 12 modules to help you earn that valuable TEFL Certification that employers are hunting for.

The course begins by getting to the root of what makes a great teacher, and how you can harness that knowledge for effective language lessons. You’ll find out how to discover what makes your students tick, allowing you to connect with them and tweak your methods to benefit their unique learning styles. Practical applications of English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary will give your students a strong foundational knowledge of English, so they can easily participate in English conversations.

This class’s emphasis on lesson planning, classroom management, types of testing and fun classroom games will make you better prepared than other TEFL candidates. You’ll also receive tutor support and job placement assistance, so you’ll snag a top job in a country that speaks to you.

If you want to be taken seriously as TEFL candidate, this Master Certification Course is the way to go. Usually, it costs $317 to take advantage of this 150-hour class, but right now it’s marked down to $39.99. Use the coupon code MADNESS15 at checkout for an extra 15% off, and you’ll only pay $33.99 for your valuable TEFL certification.


The TEFL Master Certification Course - $39.99

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