This vintage-style speaker adds flair to your tech gear

This high-powered, vintage-looking speaker boasts 5 hours of continuous playtime

Published March 28, 2019 2:30PM (EDT)

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High-tech wireless speakers are quickly taking the place of the boomboxes and wired speakers of yesterday. Despite their great features, newer tech gadgets often look sterile and add nothing to your home’s look. That's why retro styles with personality are surging in popularity, and the Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker is one way to make your home decor pop without losing the Bluetooth convenience of modern speakers.

Lofree’s wireless speaker has the punchy colors of a 1950’s TV set without sacrificing sound quality or Bluetooth accessibility. It pumps your jams with five watts of power for up to five hours of playtime, and it provides premium surround sound with 40mm full-frequency speakers made of neodymium (fancy, high-tech magnets used only in the best speakers). It also comes fully loaded with custom alarms and timers for cooking, working out or just getting an extra 10 minutes of sleep when you hit the snooze button. Plus, the QTV Wireless Speaker fits in your palm so you can carry it anywhere you need to hear your favorite tunes.

The Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker is on sale for $99 (16% off the retail cost of $119). Save an additional 15% with code MADNESS15.

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