This training uses music to help you learn a language

Skip boring vocabulary lessons and learn through the power of music

Published April 1, 2019 10:30PM (EDT)

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Everyone's got that jingle from their childhood that still gets stuck in their head to this day — whether it's about used cars or some kind of gadget that cleans your windows. You've probably never thought beyond the pretty annoying way those songs can get trapped in your head — but there's actually a useful way that catchiness can be used to help you learn. This Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 uses that principle to help you pick up a new language faster than traditional learning methods, using the power of music.

All you need to do is listen to the music — it's filled with rhythmic repetitions that will help you subconsciously acquire a brand new collection of verbs, nouns, and connecting words. It's the same way you can sing a few words of a song in another language, even if it's not your native tongue. Earworms helps you create a kit of immediately useful words and phrases that you can use in conversations, whether you're ordering food or discussing politics.

This bundle gives you access to three volumes of musical language learning for Latin American Spanish, German, French, Italian or European Spanish — helping you mix and match language you already know through 200 minutes of continuous audio. Usually, this Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle is $29.99, but you can get it here for $14.99.


Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 - $14.99

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