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In this erotica excerpt from the BADLANDS New Lovers series, an older artist has particular tastes

Published April 13, 2019 7:29PM (EDT)

Excerpt from “Burning Blue,” a New Lovers erotic novella by Cara Benedetto. New Lovers is a series devoted to publishing new works of erotica that explore the complexities bedevilling contemporary life, culture, and art today. Copyright Badlands Unlimited LLC.

Josey, an ex-model and struggling artist, leaves her loveless husband behind in New York to focus on her work upstate. Her retreat is interrupted when she meets brash and alluring Trish, who opens Josey up to a new sexual awakening. But when she gets her big break back in city, will Josey’s ambitions pull the new lovers apart?
* * *

The woman’s thighs were heavy and wet.

She was slick with arousal and had grown used to changing her panties often and daily. As she boarded the train she felt moisture move between legs.

Settling into a window seat, the woman watched her reflection flicker with the train car’s fluorescent lights. The car was half empty and smelled of her musty lilac scent. In haste she’d forgotten pads. Screw it, she thought. Tonight I’ll bleed freely. Her jeans turned maroon as the air moved around her in strange hormonal waves. She was grateful there were ...

* * *
  1. Drawing lopsided self-portraits
  2. Making cats feel good about themselves
  3. Sexting

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By Cara Benedetto

Cara Benedetto is a New York City based artist. She has exhibited at Chapter NY, Night Gallery, Metro Pictures, and MOCA Cleveland. Her writing has been published with Area Sneaks, Qui Parle, and Halmos. She is Assistant Professor in Print Media at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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