This smart key organizer is smaller than a pack of gum

Perfectly portable, this key sleeve can hold up to 8 keys

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Published April 18, 2019 7:00AM (EDT)

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Ah, keys — annoying to keep track of, but even more aggravating to lose. Between all the keys you have to have on hand — whether you own multiple vehicles, need to lock up or open an office for business and more, there's nothing worse than getting where you need to be, only to realize you don't have what you need. Instead of keeping a huge jangling ring of keys in your bag, or struggling to sit comfortably with your keys poking your back pocket, just use this KeySmart Flex sleeve instead.

This innovative, sleek key sleeve can easily hold up to eight keys in a single organizer that you can easily access. The flexible design is made of ultra-durable polycarbonate that helps to eliminate any bulk or sharp edges that would make it uncomfortable to carry. The simple organization also makes it quick to find the key you need — which can come in especially handy if you're running a little behind on being the first person to open up your office space.

You don't need to announce your comings and goings via the rattling of all your keys. This KeySmart Flex sleeve comes in a two-pack (just in case you really do need that many) and is usually $20 — but you can get it here for $15.


KeySmart Flex: 2-Pack - $15

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