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Be more productive with the way you work with PDF documents

Published April 19, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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If you work in an office environment, it's highly likely you've worked with PDF documents — they're one of the best ways to send longer contracts, files and other extensive paperwork with fidelity to the way they're supposed to show up in print. The unfortunate thing is, once you receive it as a PDF, it becomes nearly impossible to edit without affecting the formatting of the document. But PDF Expert for Mac completely changes all that: it allows you to edit PDF text, images, links, and outlines quickly and easily, so you don't have to spend hours agonizing over a few small edits.

Especially if you've tried to make changes in a PDF when working on a Mac, you know that it's notoriously difficult to do — PDF Expert is an award-winning app that provides a series of essential functions that totally revolutionizes the way you work with these documents on your Mac. You can easily edit text, images, links, and outlines, and annotate the PDFs extensively with any number of tools. 

You can merge multiple PDFs, which comes in especially useful when your coworkers send you multiple documents that all involve the same project, or you'd like to compile your own for organizational purposes. You can also share PDFs remotely, sign documents quickly and password protects sensitive documents.

Usually PDF Expert for Mac is $79.99, but you can get it here for $54.99.


PDF Expert for Mac - $54.99

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