Make the world a little greener with stainless steel straws

This eight-pack of stainless steel straws reduces plastic waste and adds a colorful touch to any drink

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Published April 22, 2019 11:59PM (EDT)

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Plastic straws have dominated the headlines lately: Americans use 500 million of the environmentally damaging sippers daily. While they contribute to a small percentage of the ocean’s overall plastic waste, they’re worse for our waters than you’d think. They’re so lightweight that they rarely make it into recycling bins, and they can leave marine animals in a tangle of plastic.

States like California and companies like Starbucks are making waves with new plastic straw bans, but you can still help out while you’re waiting for laws and corporate policies to take effect by investing in an 8-Pack of Stainless Steel Straws.

These stainless steel straws' eco-friendly, BPA-free and corrosion-free design is ultra durable. The pack comes with four straight straws and four folding straws. You can bring them along in your purse, bag or car to replace plastic straws in to-go drinks. They’re perfect for cold or hot beverages (or even eco-friendly cocktails after a long day), and they add a fun rainbow hue to whatever you’re sipping.

If you’re worried about germs catching up to your reusable straws, you can set those concerns aside with this pack: it comes with two cleaning brushes to remove grime, so you can sip without stress.

Usually, this 8-Pack of Stainless Steel Straws costs $49.99, but right now you can make the ocean a little friendly for our marine pals for just $12.99 (74% off).

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