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The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle covers everything from watercolors and pastels to landscapes and architecture

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Published April 24, 2019 10:30PM (EDT)

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Elementary school art classes were a fun reprieve from history and fractions, and for some students, it was the first place they heard their larger artistic calling. You may have loved experimenting with pastels or testing out watercolors, but over time, life gets in the way, and many would-be Picassos have to hang up their brushes to pay the bills. You can re-experience some of that childhood wonder and creativity with The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle.

These six courses cover the basics of different mediums, methods, and subjects. Painter Colin Bradley uses his 35 years of experience to take you from beginner to pro in no time. In the first class, you’ll learn how to recreate a beautiful cottage with watercolors and pastels, then learn how to paint hollyhocks, the quintessential cottage flower, in the next class.

Add a majestic, medieval piece to your watercolor collection after Bradley shows you how to paint Scotney Castle, a stunning landmark in Kent, England. Summer and winter landscapes will be at your fingertips after you master warm and cool palettes in the following courses. At the end of your painting journey, you’ll learn how to paint the hardest subjects of all: people. The class’s detailed instructions on recreating Victorian-era men and women will add to your impressive painting portfolio.

You’d normally have to spend $119.94 for The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle, but you can bring your inner artist to live now for $29 (75% off).


The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle - $29

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