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Zoolz Cloud Backup keeps your photos, videos and work files under lock and key

Published April 26, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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At this point in the tech revolution, you’ve probably amassed enough personal files to fill up a physical hard drive many times over. Your favorite pictures, must-watch videos, and personal writing can take up a lot of space on your laptop—especially if you’re committed to keeping older files around.

You shouldn’t have to pick and choose between treasured photos from years ago just because your hard drive is getting full. With a subscription to Zoolz Cloud Backup For Home, you’ll have enough space to store a full terabyte of files without buying a physical hard drive.

One terabyte is roughly equivalent to 620,000 photos, 80 straight days of video or 34,000 hours of music. Zoolz’s hefty terabyte of storage is perfect for novice or pro photographers, video buffs or audiophiles.

Zoolz relies on the bulletproof Amazon Web Services structure to keep your data safe. AWS lets you quickly and seamlessly upload massive amounts of information. You can schedule when you want to backup your files to the cloud, and you’ll always have access to your files if there’s an accident.

Zoolz Cloud Backup For Home is one of the best cloud storage deals on the market — and it’s an even better deal right now. The sticker price for a full terabyte of Zoolz’s cloud storage is $199.99, but it’s on sale now for $19.99 (90% off).


Zoolz Cloud Backup For Home: 1TB of Cloud Backup Storage - $19.99

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