My best friend, his boyfriend and me: A Salon After Dark read

NSFW: From the New Lovers erotica "We Love Lucy," a woman's best friend and his boyfriend give her a birthday gift

Published April 27, 2019 7:29PM (EDT)

Excerpt from "We Love Lucy", a New Lovers erotic novella by Lilith Wes (Copyright Badlands Unlimited LLC). The New Lovers series is devoted to publishing new works of erotica that explore the complexities bedevilling contemporary life, culture, and art today. Reprinted with permission from Badlands.

On the night of her 30th birthday, Lucy's best friend Nicholas gives her just what she's always wanted — the chance to watch him and his handsome boyfriend James get it on in the flesh. But what happens when Nicholas' gift merely whets her appetite? When a feast for the eyes leaves her heart and body famished, how far will Lucy go to satisfy her hunger? And what will it mean for their friendship?

Nicholas was the only gay man I’d ever fallen in love with. The beginning of our friendship was simple and random. I’d left my apartment one morning after running out of coffee the previous day and gone down to the cafe on the corner for my morning fix. The wait was long and every table was full, but there was one empty chair opposite an attractive young man in the corner. I shuffled through, careful not to spill the boiling hot beverage on myself, before I stood bleary-eyed at the edge of his table.

“Would you mind?” I asked while pulling back the chair, inadvertently releasing a high pitched squeal as it scraped across the tile floor.

He looked up briefly, a small, quick smile on his full lips. “No, not at all,” he said pleasantly before he went back to his book, leaving me to sit in peace.

We were twenty-three then; and now, seven years later, I was waiting at home for him and his boyfriend, James, to arrive. It was my thirtieth birthday and they had promised a night of dinner and dancing at our favorite club. “A night of debauchery and hedonism” had been Nicholas’s exact words, and I was particularly look...

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By Lilith Wes

Lilith Wes is a photographer and writer. She lives with her husband, daughter, and orange cat on the East Coast.

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