You can keep tabs on your car’s health with this $15 gadget

The KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner diagnoses car trouble before it happens

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Published April 29, 2019 10:30PM (EDT)

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If you want to keep your life up and running, you’ve got to keep your car up and running. Regular maintenance is essential, but you could be losing some major cash if you take your car in regularly when nothing’s wrong. The KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner interprets thousands of potential issues with your daily ride so you can avoid that burden.

If you have a WiFi connection and a smartphone, you can use the KOBRA to unlock massive amounts of data on your car’s performance in real time. It works with any device, and on all cars manufactured after 1996. The scanner interprets more than 3,000 code definitions of generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes so you can diagnose problems like a pro, and stop problems before they stop your car.

The KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner typically goes for $49.99, but it’s on sale now for $14.99 (70% off).


KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner - $14.99

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