This online serial service is a new form of storytelling

With Serial Box Online Story Bundles, you’ll get hooked on weekly installments of captivating tales

Published April 30, 2019 11:30PM (EDT)

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Reading is great for expanding your mind and exploring new worlds, but it’s hard to fit in time for full-length ebooks and audiobooks when you’re on a busy schedule. Even if you block out time for your reading or listening, it’s easy to lose your place if the story is particularly long and dense. Serial Box Online Story Bundles will help you dive into new stories without a significant time commitment.

Serial Box has multiple collections of ebooks and audiobooks from pro authors. The app was created by Molly Barton, a former Penguin Random House global digital director — so she knows a thing or two about great stories. Serial Box recently partnered with the Marvel franchise to bring readers exciting new stories based on beloved characters.

The story bundles combine the episodic cliffhangers of your favorite TV shows with the expertly crafted storytelling of your favorite books. The result is a different bite-sized ebook or audiobook episode every week that will help you consume your favorite genre without investing hours into regular books.

Each episode or ebook section is 20-60 minutes, so they’re perfect for reading on your commute or listening to during a break in your day. You can switch between audiobook and ebook with a few taps, and you’ll always pick up right where you left off.

A Serial Box Online Story Bundle costs $61.95, but right now you can try out their service for only $29.99 (51% off).


Serial Box Online Story Bundles - $29.99

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