This teeth whitening kit works 5x faster than competitors

This at-home whitening kit is sure to get your smile gleaming

Published April 30, 2019 12:00PM (EDT)

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When you think of the one thing that's sure to make you look great, no matter what, you might think of your favorite little black dress or that vintage leather jacket you managed to dig up — but honestly, the greatest accessory anyone could sport is an amazing smile. Get your pearly whites gleaming with this Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System: it's a celebrity-approved, award-winning system that's received attention for its ability to get professional quality results in the comfort of your own home — and fast.

While certainly, professional tooth whitening treatments are effective, they're not exactly wallet-friendly. This powerful treatment features a vetted professional formula that's the most effective whitening treatment created to date, working to whiten all types of stains immediately — and compared to sitting in your dentist's chair for several rounds of treatment, it's much less expensive while still delivering the results you'd expect. The system comes with 12 months' worth of whitening serum plus the original, safe LED whitening accelerating technology.

It took over $2.3 million in research and development to invent this system, which unlike others doesn't dehydrate or damage your teeth — you certainly won't feel the tooth sensitivity you might from competitors since this solution is entirely enamel safe.

It's even backed with a five-year warranty. Usually, this Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System is $300, but you can get it here for $120.


Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System - $120

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