Play your favorite games on the go with this retro system

Relive your childhood with this retro gaming system

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Published May 7, 2019 1:00PM (EDT)

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When you were growing up, it's quite likely you were totally immersed in playing your favorite Nintendo games. Whether you spent weekends gathering around your friend's living room or got into epic battles with your siblings after you finished your homework, you probably have some fond memories of the simple childhood joy of gaming. The good thing is, you can relive it: skip the high-tech, expensive systems and check out this New BittBoy Retro Gaming System instead.

Combing the portability and fun of using a GameBoy with the modern flexibility of micro SD uploading, this device allows you to load games from a MicroSD card for you to play on the go. This device supports a wide variety of Nintendo games (including NES, GB, GBC, SNES, SMD and many more) — all you have to do is upload them to the Bittboy.

It also features a huge capacity, so you can play your favorite games instantly and even save/load game process, so you can pick up where you left off. There's also an adjustable screen brightness and vibration feature so you can customize your gaming experience.

Relive your glory gaming days: get this New BittBoy Retro Gaming System here for $39.99.

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