This toilet freshener and night light is oddly practical

It keeps your bathroom smelling fresh

Published May 14, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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Listen, sometimes nature calls — and while could use the spray bottle sitting over the toilet, generally, those aerosol sprays only mask any unpleasant odors briefly. Plus, inhaling the oftentimes heavy scents in traditional air fresheners can be stifling. Keep your bathroom fresh with the LooLoo — it's an automatic toilet freshener and motion-activated night light, available in one convenient package.

This ultra-convenient gadget features patent-pending technology that uses multiple infrared sensors that lay on the inside of your toilet. It recognizes your body heat and movement, and sprays a blend of essential oils onto the water, trapping unwanted scents beneath the water's surface, without needing heavy scents to mask them.

It also conveniently doubles as a nightlight, filling the bathroom with a gentle light at night — meaning you won't have to turn on your bathroom light late and blind yourself. It fits 99% of toilets and is fast and simple to set up. You can also handle refills with just a simple twist.

This is the ultimate bathroom accessory to discreetly freshen up your space whenever you need it — and completely changes the way you do your business.

Usually LooLoo: The Automatic Toilet Freshener & Night Light is $49 — but you can get it here for $39.99.


LooLoo: The Automatic Toilet Freshener & Night Light - $39.99

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