This electric toothbrush has a battery life of 6 months

The Pur Hydro Clean Sonic Toothbrush will get your whites pearlier than ever

Published May 18, 2019 4:07PM (EDT)

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There are toothbrushes, and then there are Toothbrushes. Just because there’s a piece of plastic with bristles on your counter doesn’t mean you’re getting the brushing experience you deserve. It takes more than a quick back and forth across your teeth and gums to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Pur Hydro’s Clean Sonic Toothbrush is an electric brush that will knock loose the most stubborn plaque.

The Clean Sonic Toothbrush has four different brushing modes to deep clean your teeth, gently whiten and stimulate your gums. Just choose from Clean, Soft, Whiten or Massage to achieve your desired results. It operates at a lightning-fast 40,000 brush strokes per minute, and the two-minute auto timer helps you brush for the doctor-recommended time every day.

This toothbrush is one tough cookie, too. It can survive a drop from almost 10 feet, and it lasts for up to three months after a single charge. That’s two to three times longer than the battery life on its competitors.

The Pur Hydro Clean Sonic Toothbrush costs $99.99, but right now it’s on sale for only $79.99 (20% off).


Pur Hydro Clean Sonic Toothbrush - $79.99

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