This watch is a great water sports companion & is $200 off

The Seapro Men’s Trooper Watch is a must-have accessory for kayaking, fishing, scuba diving and more

Published May 30, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

If you’re into water sports, you know that having the right gear is key. You won’t catch as many fish with an unreliable pole, and lasting through a kayaking session without water-ready neoprene wet shoes.

If you want to keep track of how long you’ve been out on the water but don’t want to put your smartphone at risk, the Seapro Men’s Trooper Watch is a sturdy accessory that won’t take on water damage.

Seapro watches offer a blend of industry-leading watch components, innovative designs, and high-grade materials. They use only premium surgical steel, high-tech synthetic materials, and precision movements. The scratch-resistant dial will withstand minor mishaps when you’re rowing or surfing, and the watch is waterproof for up to 660 feet.

These watches have large displays that are easy to read at a glance, and their bright color combinations add a sporty edge to your water sports look.

Usually, the Seapro Men’s Trooper Watch costs $295, but right now it’s on sale for only $79.99 (72% off).


Seapro Men's Trooper Watch - $79.99

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