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Published June 6, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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There are countless times you're asked to step up and speak publicly: whether you're delivering a presentation to your company, speaking at your best friend's wedding or giving a toast at a friend's anniversary. Of course, at any one of these events, the last thing you want to do is let the anxiety of public speaking take over, so all you deliver is crickets and a general mess of a speech. The Public Speaking Bundle helps you hone the technical skills you need to prepare and impress the next time you have to present anything in front of other people.

From identifying your audience so you can better speak to them, reducing your preparation time and delivering speeches in a more confident, authentic manner, this bundle helps you prepare for your speeches so you're not anxious the next time you step up to the podium. You'll get access to 25 speech guides and more than 50 slide templates to help you deliver the perfect presentation every time — and mind-mapping skills that will help you overcome writer's block and even better memorize your presentation.

You'll even learn how to work your "persuasion" muscle — and how you can use your skills to convince others of your beliefs and ideas. Usually, the Public Speaking Bundle is $639.96, but you can get it here for $19.


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