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Document all the action in stunning clarity with this handy mount

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June 12, 2019 5:30PM (UTC)
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Summer usually means it's time for all the outdoor adventures that you miss out on during the colder months. But here's the thing: even if you did catch that amazing wave or scale up the tallest hill in town if there are no photos or videos of it — did it even really happen? Have more than just a memory of your greatest stunts with this Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal: it allows you to document the action with stunning cinematic clarity, wherever you decide to mount it.

There's nothing more disappointing than thinking you've managed to record that one trick or flip you've been working to nail for months — only to realize you can barely see what's going on in the footage. Slick is a GoPro stabilizer that's optimized for action sports: it sports the standard GoPro mount but works with all your existing accessories hands-free. That means you can strap it to your chest or helmet and you get clear, shake-free footage that captures your movements in all its glory.


You can even inspire your inner director with the pan and follow modes, as well as a rotating timelapse feature that lets your GoPro rotate on 3-axes, for a dramatic slow rotating video effect you can show off to all your friends.

Usually, this Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal is $299, but you can get it here for $269.



Slick Smart GoPro® Stabilizer Gimbal - $269

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