This retro-looking Bluetooth speaker is extremely stylish

Speakers don't have to all look and sound the same

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June 13, 2019 2:00AM (UTC)
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Improving sound quality and availability around the house is becoming more and more common these days. Whether it's a Bluetooth speaker in a room to play music or some sort of smart devices placed around the house, they're nearly everywhere. However, not all of the devices out there are created equal, and if you're considering a new speaker somewhere in the house, take a look at the LugaLake Handheld Multi-Functional Retro Bluetooth Speaker. It combines the best in audio quality with a unique style that gives it a classic retro look.

Not only does the LugaLake Handheld Bluetooth Speaker have a unique appearance with its retro-style wood grain surface, but it also packs a punch, due to having a built-in 25W amp. You'll never have to worry about your music not reaching the other side of the room. It's also rechargeable and compatible with auxiliary cables so you'll be able to hook up to the speaker and listen for hours, no matter what device you're pairing it with. Speaking of pairing, the speaker is also truly wireless stereo technology, so you can pair two of these together to create an impressive stereo output.


The LugaLake Handheld Retro Bluetooth Speaker is available for $69.99, which is 7% off the original price. You'll be able to listen and decorate in style with this speaker at an affordable price point.


LuguLake Handheld Multi-Functional Retro Bluetooth Speaker - $69.99

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