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Published June 15, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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Right now, nothing's dominating the world of digital content quite the way video is. From instructional YouTube videos to branded website videos and more, developing video content is more in-demand than ever. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to create and produce — and for new business owners or folks just trying to get their brand off the ground, it can feel intimidating to develop high-quality content that can still get traction. That's where Moovly comes in: it's an intuitive drag and drop video editor used by companies like IBM, Cisco, and Zappos to create stunning videos you can confidently use in any capacity.

This intuitive editor includes an entire library of professional templates that you can leverage, so you don't have to create major video projects from scratch. You can use any template or start from the ground up if you want something more customizable. All you need to do is drag and drop videos, images, and sounds and edit away — Moovly allows you to create videos quickly and easily, so you can start getting some traction with your audience right away.

Once you're happy with the results, just download the video file to use later, or share it online immediately.

Usually a lifetime subscription to this Moovly Video Maker Pro Plan is $1495, but you can get it here for $199.


Moovly Video Maker Pro Plan: Lifetime Subscription - $199

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