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The scariest threats are the ones we never see coming.

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Published June 19, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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Technology is taking over the world, and with more and more revolving around the internet and being connected, having a solid connection matters more than ever. The problem most people tend to ignore, however, is the safety and security of the connection within their own homes. Not many people think their network is susceptible to anything dangerous when in reality most of us would never know until it's too late. With Gryphon: The Ultimate Secure Router, you'll be able to browse or get work done at ease, knowing that you're browsing safely.

This router isn't just your average router either. Sure, you can browse easily at high speeds, stream movies or games, and do plenty of other things, but the best part is the safety features. First of all, you'll be able to keep tabs on the devices connected to your network and cut them off if you notice anything out of the ordinary. However, you'll also have Intelligent Intrusion Detection, a feature that will keep you safe and filter malware out. Right now, you'll also receive 18 months of Advanced Network Protection, a service that includes ad blocking, general network protection, and vulnerability scans.

Why risk being vulnerable to a digital threat when you can upgrade to a high-powered router that does all the protection for you? Take advantage of the 22% discount being offered and grab a Gryphon Ultimate Secure Router to protect your network now for only $199.


Gryphon: The Ultimate Secure Router & 18-mo Free Advance Network Protection - $199

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