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Published June 23, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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Smartphone cameras are undoubtedly the most common means of photography in 2019. Sometimes, however, you might find yourself in need of a mount to clamp your phone and land that perfect shot. Well, the myGEKOgear MagiClaw Smartphone and Cam Mount is perfect for that situation and then some.

The MagiClaw is exactly what it sounds like and lives up to its name in every way. The Claw will clamp to just about any surface, whether you're trying to mount an action cam on a car or motorcycle, or you're trying to mount a phone to take that perfect family group photo.

No more aiming the phone and hoping and wishing everyone is in the shot! The head of the mount also rotates a full 360 degrees in case you're trying to mount it on one of those tough angled spots.

The myGEKOgear MagiClaw Smartphone & Action Cam Mount is currently available for 20% off, making it a great deal at just $39.99. Grab one and never miss out on the perfect shot again.


myGEKOgear MagiClaw Smartphone & Action Cam Mount - $39.99

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