This handy gadget cleans up the air you breathe

You don't have to worry about polluted air in your own home with this device

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June 23, 2019 11:00AM (UTC)

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If you live in a heavily populated city, chances are you already know that the air quality may not be the best. But even if you're not in a larger, polluted city, you may want to think twice about the quality of the air you're breathing. Our bodies need oxygen and what better way to provide that than with clean, healthy air. Healthy air starts with negative ions, and the ionbox Negative Ion Generator can provide more than enough to keep the air you breathe fresh and clean.

The way it works is fairly simple, believe it or not. The negative ion generator creates 20 million negative ions per second, which blows every other generator on the market out of the water by far. Those ions that are released are found naturally throughout the environment, and they attach themselves to harmful particles like smoke, bacteria, and allergens. Once attached, those negative affects are neutralized, leaving you with a breath of fresh air and peace of mind knowing that you're breathing clean air again.


Improve the quality of your life by grabbing one of the ionbox Negative Ion Generators while they're on sale for 19% off, at $59.99. While it may not help much outside the home, at least you'll know that while in your own home you can breathe deeply and with a sigh of relief.


ionbox Negative Ion Generator - $59.99

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