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Published June 24, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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If you're lucky enough to call your furry pal your best friend, you know their quiet loyalty is one of the absolute best things about having a dog. Unfortunately, their inability to speak (your special insight into their unique woofs and barks don't count) means that sometimes you're left guessing the reason behind any discomfort they might be experiencing.

You can take the best care possible of your dog with this Allergy Test My Pet Kit, which allows you to make sure you're feeding them the right foods and minimizing their contact with sensitive environmental factors. Normally $99, the kit is currently on sale for just $69.

From upset stomachs to watering eyes, runny noses to fatigue, there's a bunch of different factors that could be impacting your dog's health. Whether it's something they're eating or something they're coming into contact with unknowingly every day, allergies can really take the pep out of their step. This affordable and easy-to-use pet sensitivity test measures the proteins found in your dog's spit, providing results that let you discover your dog’s unique intolerances and sensitivities for around 100 factors.

You'll discover which food and environmental allergens to keep an eye on, so you can keep your puppy pal as comfortable as possible. Get the Allergy Test My Pet Kit here for just $69.

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