Become a master of SAP with the help of this training

Education in SAP Analytics will prepare you for business analyst roles at major companies

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June 26, 2019 2:00AM (UTC)

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It’s no secret that companies collect a lot of data about their online customers, and how their customers use their website. That information is vital for creating marketing roadmaps that reach their target demographic.

Large companies compile all of their data and sift through it using computer programs. SAP is software that helps make sense of what they’ve collected, and it’s a valuable skill to have if you’re looking to jump into a lucrative job as a business analyst. The Essential SAP eBook Bundle takes you from beginner to pro in SAP Analytics Cloud.


The first book covers all of the essential features in the SAP Analytics Cloud. You’ll learn about the home screen, the main menu, and everything else you need to gain a clear understanding of the platform. After creating a hands-on data model, you’ll be ready to move on to more advanced SAP functions.

You’ll learn all about SAP Activate, a business suite that produces working deliverables right away, in the second ebook. It shows you how to combine Agile methodology with SAP Activate for smoother project management and better data analysis.

Usually, the Essential SAP eBook Bundle goes for $88, but you can get an edge on the competition right now for only $9.99 (88% off).



The Essential SAP eBook Bundle - $9.99

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