Get this NASA notebook and mug combo for under $60

This notebook & mug bundle uses the power of augmented reality to help you explore the stars

Published June 25, 2019 2:30PM (EDT)

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Whoever said office essentials had to be boring weren't thinking of using this NASA AR Notebook & NASA Space Mug Bundle. These two everyday essentials make taking notes and enjoying your morning coffee way more than just a rote task — they feature an elevated design and immersive AR technology that makes for a welcome midday break (on top of standing out from the rest of the office crowd).

The NASA AR Notebook features a beautifully embossed classic NASA “worm” insignia on the hardcover exterior that looks both sleek and unique. But it's the AR experience is what truly makes the notebook and mug a must-have for any person who loves space or astronomy: it allows you to see our planet from an astronaut's perspective, and travel around space without (without ever needing to leave Earth).

On top of the space mug's AR capabilities, it's sure to be the only one that looks like it in your office (meaning you won't have to be that person leaving accusatory notes in your office's kitchen).

Usually, this NASA AR Notebook & NASA Space Mug Bundle is $59.98, but you can get it here for $54.99.


NASA AR Notebook & NASA Space Mug Bundle - $54.99

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