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This garden hose was made for the outdoors

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Published July 12, 2019 9:30PM (EDT)

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Garden is an amazing hobby to love: it's a gentle form of exercise, helps you enjoy the great outdoors and gives you the pleasure of watching the things you nurture to grow. But like anything you love, there's a downside: gardening can feel like tough work if you're using the wrong tools — especially if you're lugging a cracked, heavy hose from one end of your yard to the other. This Bionic Force PRO 50' Garden Hose & Spraying Nozzle helps make gardening a breeze: it's lightweight and the most durable hose around, so you're guaranteed to grow your most beautiful flowers yet.

This hose features a pressure-resistant inner lining and a flexible, stainless steel outer housing that you can drag over stones, shrubs, and roots without worry. The super-tough performance means that you can even leave the hose out in the sun without cracking and in the rain without corrosion and rust.

The Bionic Force Pro Hose has survived rigorous testing, including being ground with a power tool, frozen in a block of ice and even set on fire — so a few hours in the hot summer sun won't be an issue. And despite the metal exterior, it weighs less than three pounds — plus, the compact, patented design will never twist, tangle or kink, making it the perfect gardening tool for homeowners and professionals alike.

Usually this Bionic Force PRO 50' Garden Hose & Spraying Nozzle is $44.99, but you can get it here for $29.99.


Bionic Force PRO 50' Garden Hose & Spraying Nozzle - $29.99

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