Save $400 off of this refurbished Apple iPad Mini

Stop carrying a computer and grab this handy tablet instead

Published July 18, 2019 1:38PM (EDT)

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Traveling is a common part of most people's lives, and with longer trips, it's important to have something to keep you entertained, or maybe even something to do a little work with. However, not everyone wants to lug around a laptop if they don't have to, and it's nearly impossible to do any serious work on a phone, but you might be able to watch a movie if you can get used to the small screen. Why settle for that small screen though when you can get a Certified Refurbished Apple iPad Mini 4 and have the perfect sized screen to get things done and not have to deal with carrying around a full computer?

With an iPad Mini, you get the functionality of the laptop at a fraction of the overall size and weight. Not only that, but it beats watching a show on a tiny phone screen if you're trying to watch something on a plane. This model is WiFi and Cellular compatible as well, so if you need to connect to the internet you can do so with relative ease. It's also got a camera and Bluetooth connectivity in case you want to snap some pictures or connect an external device like headphones or even a keyboard.

Don't get stuck carrying around a laptop if you don't truly need to, and don't get stuck watching a movie on that tiny phone screen. Grab an Apple iPad Mini 4 (Certified Refurbished) while they're on sale at 50% off, for only $399 and make travel enjoyable.


Apple iPad Mini 4 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Space Gray (Certified Refurbished) - $399

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