Bike safer at night with this smart bike light

This motion-sensing bike light functions the same way a car brake light does

Published July 20, 2019 8:34PM (EDT)

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Cycling is a great way of exploring your local surroundings and getting a bit of exercise. Not to mention, it can get you to places sans the adverse environmental impact automobiles often produce. If you prefer biking after dark, though, you'll be much safer if you install a lighting device to make yourself visible against stoplights, other vehicle's lights, and even sunlight. That way, you can prevent rear-end collisions and all sorts of accidents.

The Night Provision Proton R60 Motion-Sensing Bike Brake Light is an auto-sensing brake light system that functions the same way a car's brake light does. It employs an auto-sense feature and lights up depending on your bike's movement. Thanks to its built-in multi-axis gyroscope tech, the Proton R60 automatically radiates as you slow down and hit the brakes. It's also designed to be brighter than most car tail lights, allowing for enhanced visibility.

Should you wish to park your bike, you don't have to bother turning it off manually. All you have to do is plop your bike somewhere, walk away, and it will automatically turn off. When you're ready to move, it will sense your movement and turn on by itself.

Usually retailing for $47.95, the Night Provision Proton R60 Motion-Sensing Bike Brake Light is now available on sale for $24.49. That's a 48 percent discount from the usual sticker price.


Night Provision Proton R60 Motion-Sensing Bike Brake Light - $24.49

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