This helpful app saves web pages as searchable documents

Perfect for both recreation and research, you can easily find the pages that caught your eye

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July 20, 2019 5:29PM (UTC)

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We all know how annoying it is to run across an article you want to read later, or see a shirt online you need to buy, only to realize it's gotten lost in the mess of all the other web pages you had open. That's where History Search comes in so handy: instead of bogging down your bookmarks tab, this app turns the websites you visit into searchable documents.

Any time you're doing some research looking for your dream vacation spot or even finding articles for the paper you're writing, this helpful app will save you tons of time. You can record an unlimited number of webpages to your personal knowledge base with previews to help you easily recognize the exact page you need — including anything with comments or hashtags, thanks to a full-text search. Plus, you can clear your browsing history without losing valuable resources, since it's all kept securely in your private cloud.


You can also integrate this tool directly into your workflow by showing the history relating to your Google searches, and save all opened tabs to a collection or open everything in at once to pick up where you left off.

See why this app got 1200 upvotes on Product Hunt and was the winner of the 2018 "Lifehack" Golden Kitty Award: usually a 1-year subscription to History Search's Pro Plan is $95.88, but you can get it here for $47.88.



History Search Pro Plan: 1-Yr Subscription - $47.88

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