Master Adobe's two most prominent programs

Because any designer worth their salt should be proficient in Adobe

Published July 30, 2019 1:47PM (EDT)

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Got an eye for design? It's one amazing thing to have raw talent — but if you can leverage your aptitude in a professional environment and get paid to do the thing you love, then you can turn your passion into a bonafide career. The Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle is a comprehensive five-course bundle that shows everything a creative needs to know to start a lucrative freelancing career or even get hired as a professional designer for a firm. Tack on the Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Training Bundle to organize your photos and edit them, and you've got a comprehensive toolkit in your belt.

It's one thing to look up a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to properly use Photoshop — this bundle includes courses taught by world-renowned experts on how to polish an image in a way that develops your brand as a photographer or artist. From choosing images that have similar lighting and color balance to giving them a unified look and feel using masks and layers, and adjusting the color balance.

You'll learn how to create a workflow for your complex effects with efficiency, learning important  Adobe Photoshop tips, features and techniques that most people wouldn't think to or know how to use — plus, you'll discover how to play with size and scale to create a fantastical image. Then you'll add amazing effects and safely store your images using Lightroom. 

From storing and managing your photos using cloud storage to understanding how cloud technology and automatic tagging and syncing can help you stay on top of your projects (while keeping clients happy), Lightroom is a standard for improving your workflow. You can even shorten your work time by creating your own presets.

The Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle is currently on sale for $19, while the Adobe Lightroom CC Training Bundle is available for $25.

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