This portable device can jump your car without assistance

Never be stranded without power again with this device

Published August 3, 2019 1:32PM (EDT)

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You're traveling and you realize you didn't bring your charger on the journey and you'll have to charge up your phone and laptop at some point. It seems like a scenario that we've all experienced at some point, but it doesn't have to be an issue if you have a backup battery pack, such as the JunoJumper PRO 18,000mAh Battery Pack.

This isn't just your standard battery pack either, as it packs enough punch to start a car. So if you ever find yourself stranded in a parking lot, you can plug this thing in and be on your way. The JunoJumper PRO can power things ranging from a cell phone to a computer, a blender, or anything else you might need to run for a bit. It only weighs one pound, making it super easy to carry around as it's very compact. With five outputs and an LED flashlight built-in with four different modes, you'll never be lacking in an emergency.

Grab a JunoJumper PRO 18,000mAh Battery Pack now while they're on sale for $175. You'll be saving 7% off the original price and always have that peace of mind that you'll have power wherever you are.


JunoJumper PRO 18,000mAh Battery Pack - $175

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